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Losing your Faith in GOD?

This 5DAY JumpStart Your FAITH challenge will teach you how to  develop the capacity to believe God for Victory over the monstrous problems you face in your heart, mind, mouth, body, and emotions.

At the end of this journey, I pray that you will discover what’s holding you back from the amazing FAITH journey God has in store for you.


Where My Heart Lies?

My great passion is to help others love themselves, cultivate a relationship with Christ in their everyday life and lead others to choose to care about another person's welfare, with no injustices. I help my following, who include women, men, teens, and families, to find healthy perceptions, restoration and strengthen their relationship with GOD so they can know themselves as complete and whole.

Only GOD can Turn your MESS into a MESSAGE.

Our mess will become a message God wants us to use for someone else walking through a similar situation. But if we are too paralyzed with guilt and too ashamed to talk about it, the enemy has the power over us and we could be missing out on opportunities to share our testimony.


Own Your Past!

 Owning your past by using it as a message to glorify JESUS. Removes the power from the enemy.  The amazing part aboutour ugly mess is that it now offers a beginning to our amazing transformation. 

You're a walking testimony to Christ! Given a whole lot of grace, mercy and love.

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