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Jump-Start Your Faith 5Day Faith Challenge

Jump-Start Your Faith 5Day Faith Challenge

When was the last time you were truly on fire for God? What if you could feel that way again?

What Will I Learn?

How to develop your capacity to believe God for VICTORY over the monstrous hardships, obstacles, and problems in your life, through the application of God’s Word to the specific challenge over the period of 5 Days.


-You will need to signup through the “I’m In” button over in the sidebar. Once, you’re signed up you will be able to download the, “5 Day Jump-Start Your Faith Challenge.” This document contains all the information that you need.
-A Bible
-A Journal or Word processing program to complete the assignments.

For EACH day you will have a TOPIC assigned to focus on with a Scripture. Use the template provided in the, “5 Day Jump-Start Your Faith Challenge,” pdf to complete each assignment. 

Want to know how to jump-start your faith? I’m sure you do and let me tell you—I believe I’m the perfect person to help you walk you through this process. As one of the many Christians who has dealt with a loss of faith after dealing with one miserable circumstance after another, I not only know what it takes to construct a FAITH that can outstand any monstrous problem you face. If, you’re seating there with a skeptical look on your face. Read my blog post, Losing Faith in God then you will see that this challenge was constructed straight from the experiences I have gone through in my life.
I’ve overcome so many obstacles in my life. From growing up with an absent father to being sexually molested by a family, and having countless of dysfunctional relationships with the opposite sex. Also, with everyday life living pay check to pay. Times were difficult. But, I learned that having a STRONG UNWAVERING FAITH is the most important element in life. Yes, even more, important than SOCIAL MEDIA.

First thing first, we will need to establish a concrete definition of What Faith is? Is it complete trust, having confidence in someone or just and exaggerate term Christians makeup? This definition will be revealed on Day 1, so much sure to follow along on the blog for special insights. No matter what you believe, I created this “5 Day Jump-Start Your Faith Challenge,” to walk you’ll through the process of developing a BURNING FIRE for JESUS in your SOUL. While making your assignments extremely simple to follow.

I’m going to be a participant of this challenge with all of you for the next 5 Days to create some good ole Christian fellowship. So, grab yourself a hot cup of Tea or Hot Cocoa and make sure to view the blog for the next 5 Days. I’m so excited about this challenge and you should be too! There are over 23 Billion Christians in the world. Can you imagine, how many of us struggle with our FAITH in every day? If you tried to guess that number God bless your heart.

I invite you to Join in on the Challenge and see where your FAITH might take you in the days and weeks to come.

Let’s look at the different topics covered in this, “5Day Jump-Start Your Faith Challenge."

5Day Faith Challenge
Day 1-Your Heart, Set it on Things Above (Read Colossians 3:1-2)
Day 2-Your Mind, Transformed & Renewed (Read Philippians 4:8-9)
Day 3-Your Mouth, Be Wholesome (Read Ephesians 4:29)
Day 4-Your Body, Pure & Holy (Read Romans 12:1)
Day 5- Your Emotions, Be Calmed (Read Philippians 4:6-7)

Feel free to leave a Comment with the term, “I’m In!” This will let me know that you have successfully signed up and downloaded the “5Day Jump-Start Your Faith Challenge.” I can’t wait to explore this challenge with you’ll.

See Ya Soon

♡ Teliah NaShonia



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