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30 days of Healing Your Brokeness: A Devotional Journal

If You Want God’s Word to Restore You …

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Everyone has unique brokeness they face in his or her life. We may have similar or different problems from each other but the Lord has promised to be with us and deliver us from all of our brokenness. I’m here, to tell the truth, the strange amazing fabulous and the unbelievably GOOD truth about why God’s Word rocks!

The Top Truths about God’s Word

God’s Word is a miracle in a glass.
God’s Word melts away distractions so we can focus on him.
God’s Word cleans out your negative thoughts.
God’s Word convicts us of sin and wrongdoing.
God’s Word cleanses us and makes us holy.
God’s Word calms our crushed spirits and heals us.
God’s Word regulates boldness and teaches us to live courageously.
God’s Word makes you, well, just happy. Yeah, happy!

The Story: to Becoming a Self-Published Author

In April 2018, a fantastic Beauty, Christ, and Relationships follower asked me if I ever thought about writing a book. I wrote my first book Naliah’s Hard Life,  in my early 20’s. The story was very deep, all over the place and poorly constructed. I was a 24-year-old girl with a dream to become an Author. However, after receiving constructive criticism on Amazon. I took the book down to reevaluate that dream. Was this really a gift from God? or a distraction?

Sometimes, JESUS works in mysterious ways. You must have faith that He will work all things out for the good. I prayed and prayed and prayed for 6 long years. Asking the Lord to teach me how to Help those crushed in Spirit, those emotionally and mentally broken to depend on HIS word to restore them. Six years later, my prayer was answered and I started writing the book.

In the span of two months, I went from an answered prayer to a tangible soft-matte-cover, full color,  gorgeous book that is available to well-known outlets such as Amazon, bookstores and even academic institutions.

In the coming weeks, I will be writing a detailed post about my experience of self-publishing as well as getting a book done on such an aggressive deadline and everything you need including the discipline of writing! So fret not, that is coming but for now, shall we focus on Healing Your Brokenness?

I wrote 30 days of Healing Your Brokenness for one reason: I Want More People to connect and build themselves spiritually through the WORD of God.

Yes, I realize I can’t change others but I can certainly inspire them and often, our resistance to change is the uncertainty of the outcome. Well, that is because we don’t know what we don’t know … so the first step to Healing Your Brokenness is resisting human nature to lean on your own understanding for your current difficulties. Strengthening your relationship with JESUS will allow your soul to find a greater source of power to heal. In this case, learn and understand the nature of your brokenness and the how to overcome it.

What to Expect from 30 days of Healing Your Brokenness: A Devotional Journal

Let’s see, you get …
… 30 reflection passage walk-through to assist you in focusing on God’s word and teachings.

30 scripture references about brokenness and God’s promises (who said you must believe Satan’s lies, darling?)
… daily devotional prayers that relate to the scripture.
… lots of room for notes or to tap into your creative bible journaling skills.
… quotes and inspirational words to empower you.

This is to give you just an idea.

OK, You Got It. God’s Word=Healing Your Brokeness. What to Do Next?

Well, if you want to really understand why God’s Word is so enormously beneficial to your healing process – present and FUTURE –  and want to meditate on his word to build yourself spiritually,  AND if you want to ignite your faith, trust and become more proficient at allowing the Word to define how you will react to your brokenness and make it a sustainable habit, then my baby, 30 days of Healing Your Brokenness: A Devotional Journal, is definitely for you.

Together, we will learn how to overcome our brokenness and create a stronger relationship with Jesus.

Grab your own soft matte cover copy of 30 days of Healing Your Brokenness: A Devotional Journal from any place listed below now:

So what are you waiting for? Jesus is on the mainline. Just do it, call him up and tell him what you want, because depending on your own understanding is the quickest way to separate yourself from JESUS. And that’s not YOU, baby!


Embrace your healing with love and start your 30 days of Healing Your Brokenness today!

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