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6 Reasons Why you should Choose Lyrical Host

When I started blogging back in November of 2017,  I had so much information thrown at me. It was nearly impossible to make a decision. In the beginning, I didn’t allow anyone to persuade me to self-host. I used blogger, the avenue that I could afford financially during the start of my blog. I was unemployed and battling with depression. The last thing I needed was to be stressing over the financial aspect of web hosting. However, after blogging for only 1 month, the Lord blessed me with a steady income made from my blog that allowed me to gain the financial freedom to self-host.

But why Lyrical host? I have done the research and I came up with 6 reasons why you should choose Lyrical host.

#1 Best Option Financially

The main selling point for Bluehost and Sitegroud is their low price ($2.95-$3.95/month). However, that rate is only honored for the length of the contract. When the contract renews, it will be at the regular rate ($7.99-$9.95/month or more). While Lyrical Host costs more per month (I pay $11.99 USD for the cheapest plan), that price does not change after 6 months, a year, or two. You can pay monthly, biannually or yearly and cancel at any time. They guarantee no hidden costs or unexpected surprise charges to your credit and or debit card.

#2 Humble and Helpful Company Owners

Jenni Brown and Joseph Tansley, who has a long history of working in the web industry and are passionate about blogging and web development. They have a very hands-on approach within the company, and you’ll often see their faces in Lyrical Host’s marketing and support. I personally have spoken with Jenni, is definitely a phenomenal woman who supports her customers. Some of my blog tip posts have been featured on the company’s website. They have also retweeted some of my tweets, which is totally awesome.

#3 One-Click Installation

Lyrical host offers one-click WordPress installation. Setting up your blog couldn’t be easier. As soon as you have chosen your plan, you are automatically redirected with options to set up your WordPress. As soon as you do, your Lyrical host and WordPress will automatically be connected. You can start blogging that same day!

#4 Free SSL Certificate

Lyrical Host offers free-for-life SSL certificates. As long as your domain and website is registered with them, you’ll never pay a penny to secure your website with a totally free SSL certificate. SSL certificates ensure visitors to your website have an encrypted connection. This means a third party can’t intercept any information your visitors give you, such as their email address or payment details.

#5 Customer Service

Everyone gets stuck sometimes, so we’re here to help when you do. But, having a fast and reliable support team is definitely. This team of support will fix any hiccups you may experience with your WordPress site virtually all you have to do is request the help, and with your permission, they will sign into your account and fix your problem. No password or personal information will be needed from you. Lyrical Host also offers guides, articles, and blog posts if you want to get a quick answer on your own.


Another amazing thing that Lyrical host offers is email addresses with your domain on it (yourname@yourdomain.com).  If you have a Tiny or PageWeaver hosting plan, you can have up to six you@yourdomain.com email addresses/mailboxes at any one time. However, if you have a Mighty or Boss hosting plan, you can have an unlimited number of email addresses/mailboxes! This is a great opportunity to build credibility with your readers. You can create emails that have your name directly on them so they feel like they are contacting a real person. You can also create some for a general contact form, people who want to work with you and there are so many more ideas. Use these to your advantage!

So What Are You Waiting For?

Signing up for Lyrical Host is super easy and if you use my code “BEAUTY”, you will save 10% on your hosting plan*! If you have any questions, on how to sign up, refer to Step by Step Tutorial, How to Start a Christian-Centered Blog. This blog post contains live videos that will work you through the process or feel free to ask away or get in touch with Lyrical Host yourself.

* This is an affiliate referral which means that I will make a small commission on your purchase but let’s be honest, I would absolutely recommend them regardless.

Get a free 7 page PDF focuses on the key features and benefits of becoming a Lyrical Host customer, click here




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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I’m looking at other options for my blog so this was very informative and helpful.

    1. I definitely happy that this post could help you with deciding more choices for you blog in regards to self-hosting, if you have any questions feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer them.

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