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A Letter To My Nieces – A Man Worthy of You + Qualities we Should Look for in a Man


To my beautiful nieces,

I have made several mistakes as a woman, daughter, aunt, and fiancee. I don’t want to see you go through the hurts I have. To have to learn the lessons the hard way. I want all of you to find God’s perfect mate for you. I don’t want any of you'll to undervalue yourselves or look for a man who only shows the outward appearances of the qualities below.

I know in our society it is easier to let go of a few of your ideas in order to date the guy who is good looking, or the guy with the better job.  But in the end, you are hurting yourself.  By letting go of what you know to be right, you will only end up with unhappiness.

You are so special, so wonderfully made, so uniquely made.  Made for one man, who is out there for you.  God has a plan for you, and if that plan includes a future with a spouse, God will bring you together.  You won’t have to work at finding him, you won’t have to settle for anything less than you deserve, you won’t have to accept anything less than God’s perfect plan for you.

I pray that both all of you will understand your worth, that you will never settle, that you will never give up on the qualities in a spouse that you deserve as Godly young women, future wives, and future mothers.  I pray that you learn to recognize these qualities in a man, and more than you see with open eyes and an open heart the lack of these qualities in any man you may be considering dating/courting or even marrying.
All of you have seen what happens when you ignore any one of the combinations of these qualities.  A happy marriage or relationship is not made.  A life of strife, pain, hurt, bitterness and resentment can easily take hold.
Dear nieces, I pray that you find more happiness in your life that I have found in mine.  I pray that you will never have to settle for anything less than the perfection you deserve.
I love all of you so much,
Aunty Teliah


2 thoughts on “A Letter To My Nieces – A Man Worthy of You + Qualities we Should Look for in a Man

  1. You're so right in saying what you did and that post on the "qualities of a man" was excellent! Wait for the right one. I shared this with the heading – "We're not hating, we just want the best for you." I hope someone gets it.

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