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A Marriage that Ate into Deception

Genesis 2-3

Adam and Eve lived the ideal marriage situation. As husband and wife, they live harmoniously together in the beautiful garden of Eden that God created for their own pleasure (2:8-24). They were the parents of the entire universe which is incredible but filled with some many responsibilities. Adam and Eve were both naked and were not embarrassed or ashamed in each other’s presence nor in the presence of Jesus (2:25). In fact, they had the perfect marriage and relationship with God.

Their life in Eden presents a beautiful picture of how God intended for us to live. He wanted us to feel free, be at peace and happy as the individuals he has uniquely designed us to be. He also wanted us to walk in a constant awareness of God’s faithful, loving presence and to hold our heads up high. To feel no shame. This is the SELF before SIN entered the world. The self that Adam and Eve rejected for deception.

For the first time in the Bible, we discover how both Adam and Eve overstepped their God-given boundaries and plunged humanity into sin as they ate the apple (3:1-20). Harmony was broken. Shame and guilt penetrated their marriage. It created a barrier between them and God. The consequences of Adam and Eve testing God’s goodness and lack of self-control are with us to this day.

When Satan tempted Eve to rebel against God, he di so by planting in her mind a seed of doubt about God’s goodness. The serpent asked Eve, “Did God really say you must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden (3:1). The implications were the “God must not be good, if he were He would not have denied you something you really wanted.

Eve failed to discern that Satan was giving her advice that was contrary to God’s word. As a result, consequences were administered immediately after due to their disobedience (3:9-24). Their relationship was damaged, and their sin had separated them from each other and God.

Six important facts that we learn from Adam and Eve:

  • They did not give up on their marriage.
  • They stayed committed to each other through the hardships they faced.
  • Their story provides us with the first illustrations of God’s grace.
  • They were disobedient to the plan God revealed to them.
  • They were not willing to take responsibility for their sin.
  • Their actions brought sin into the world.

Whenever, turbulence, disappointments or pain comes into our lives, or things don’t go as we hoped or planned, Satan will try to tempt you to doubt if God is really God. We must meditate on the WORD of GOD daily. This alone will help you to reject anything that contradicts God’s Word.

Adam and Eve remind us that a good marriage requires love and commitment even through tough times. But, their mistakes were passed on to their descendants.

What mistakes did your parents pass down to you? How, did you overcome those mistakes?

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