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Depression and Work Performance

At 29 years old, I’ve had countless jobs, and a lot of them are jobs people would be extremely content and happy to have gotten. I have left each and everyone one of them. Recently, I was terminated from a position. Now, I feel like a complete failure. Truth isI got the job because I am good at what I do. Customer service is my forte and I’m not ashamed to admit it. ButI have only been able to hold two jobs in my life for longer than two years. I am so ashamed of this. I'm accepting the fact that, my depression, anxiety, and insomnia has affected my ability to keep a job.

 Looking back, I have begun every one of those jobs with extreme enthusiasm. I have excelled at anything I put my mind to. However, after a period of approximately one to three months. I found myself neglecting my responsibilities as an employee, abusing the attendance rules, and losing interest in wanting to be around in the world. Then, I found myself isolating myself from my family, and friends basically declining to spend time them over and over. Sadly, my mental health was declining. Every day, I was sad, angry, and irritable all the time. I couldn't sleep. Most of the time, I found myself wishing there was a way to just shut off my brain. Physically, my appearance had changed. I had gained over fifty pounds and I hated the way I looked.

To Top Things Off, I was also diagnosed with high blood pressure.

My depression has lead me down a self-destructive path.

What's important is that I invested in MYSELF, and sought professional help to overcome this mental illness.

2 thoughts on “Depression and Work Performance

  1. YES !!! You did the right thing !!! Work with your professional team, and be strong and brazon to make right choices for yourself everyday. Moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, make the choices that you know are BEST for you, and COMMUNICATE with your team of healthcare professionals. Teliah, I NEVER got professional help until about 18 months ago. I went to the doctor with a list of "symptoms" that were about to drive me to the end of my rope…… He said he thought it was ANXIETY and prescribed "the lowest dose" of a medication that he said he himself took. After I adjusted to the medication, MY LIFE CHANGED for the better. Retrospectively, I wish I had gone for help sooner……..years sooner……. But mind you, when I went something I said was, "Life is supposed to be GOOD now………(truly I had no reason or PROBLEMS to explain being on the edge of tears all the time, and many more STRANGE symptoms) Yet I still consider my 20s 30s 40s 50s better than teens because teens is when I experienced deep depression. My path to here makes me sensitive and caring, of peoples' struggles so back to what you shared Teliah… I want to cheer you on. Keep making the right choices to love and care for yourself, and work with your healthcare professionals. God bless you Teliah. Hugs sister. Oh, and don't beat yourself up about that job record. I happen to know LOTS of people who tend to not stay with a job for more than two years at a time, and have no guilt about it. The future can always be brighter and with more hope. ALL of us are (hopefully) evolving and growing, and getting better and better. That is God's plan……until He finishes His work on us in Heaven. Until then… I will TRUST HIM along the way.

    1. I am learning to trust the Lord with all aspects of my life. I am so grateful that you and I have cross path. This is the encouragement I need. I will keep on getting the professional help I need.

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