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Do you like yourself?

Do you like yourself? After studying individuals inwardly, rationally, profoundly and socially through online platforms, it was a noteworthy leap forward when I found that the vast majority of people truly don’t care for themselves. Some of them know it, while others don’t understand this is most likely the base of such a large number of different issues within our lives. Heck, there was a time in my life where I didn’t love myself. I kid you not. I use to have a very hard time looking at myself in the mirror and even accepting compliments from others.


God wants us to have an awesome relationship with our own selves where we don’t focus on our flaws. The Song of Solomon chapter 4 verse 7 clearly states: You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.” If Jesus does not see any type of flaws in us, then why choose to spend some much energy into hating yourself? How can your relationships with others be healthy if you spend all your time thinking opposite of God’s word? Shouldn’t something be said about your association with God and even with yourself?


Did it ever strike you that your thoughts and feelings need to directly associate with Jesus who is suppose to be living within you? Keep in mind, that self-love is essential in leading a healthy lifestyle.


A significant number of us fall prey to self-hate since we feel that no one truly adores us or acknowledges us. We assume that if no one else cherishes us, then it’s okay to dislike ourselves as well. Yet, that is an LIE we should never accept as Christians!


Jesus formed us from his inward parts. He knitted us togetherhr in our mother womb. Therefore, we need to praise him because were FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY. Psalms 139:13-15 should speak wonders to your soul as this scripture should be planted into your vocabulary. Even, our frames were not hidden from Jesus as were made in secret he has woven every single part of us in the depths of the earth to be a perfect creation in his liking.


This alone gives more reasons to why, We should love ourselves—not in a childish, conceited manner that delivers a way of life of liberality, yet in an adjusted, genuine manner that asserts God’s creation as basically great and right. We might be imperfect by tragic encounters we’ve experienced, however, that doesn’t mean we’re useless and useful to no end.


We should have the sort of adoration for ourselves that says, “I know God cherishes me, so I can love what God adores. I don’t love all that I do, however, I acknowledge myself since God acknowledges me.” We should build up the sort of develop the love that says, “I know I have to change, and I need to change. Truth be told, I trust God is transforming me day by day, yet amid this procedure, I won’t dismiss what God acknowledges. I’ll acknowledge myself as I am at the present time, realizing that I won’t generally remain along these lines.”


Ordinarily, individuals who dismiss themselves do as such in light of the fact that they can’t consider themselves to be great, appropriate, or right. They neglect to see themselves the way God considers them—to be valuable youngsters He beyond all doubt adores.


As you see yourself through God’s eyes—somebody who’s adored and treasured—your perspective of yourself will start to change. You’ll start to see yourself not as rejected, but rather as cherished and acknowledged… extraordinary and excellent in His sight.

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