Garnier Fructis Halloween Style VoxBox - Teliah NaShonia

Garnier Fructis Halloween Style VoxBox


I received this complimentary curl renew spray, and the curl scrunch controlling gel from Influenster, and I am very impressed. Sturdy clear packaging so you know how much product is inside; Quite a bit!!!


It worked well with my hair at fighting frizz. Both products smell really good like coconut, (most Garnier products) and both are easy to use.

It also helped my curly hair maintain definition and shine.  I applied these products to my wet clean hair, after shampooing with Herbal Essences totally twisted shampoo. I used a wide tooth comb to get the products all through my hair. 

My perfectly, curly, hair has lasted 24 hours, being slept on.
Lastly, it didn't leave a residue, flakes, or hard "crunch." Very happy with this product.


*The above opinion is my own. Products were complimentary from Influenster for review purposes only.


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