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Hearing the Voice of God

I have invested over twenty plus years of my life doing things my way, not by any means following God. At the time I figured that my life would be just fine. Yet, the truth of the matter is I was hopeless.


If we’re not following God’s arrangement for our life, we’re never going to feel peace or satisfaction. You may have a ton of fun, however, I’ve discovered that having a great time and having happiness are two distinctive things―and I would much rather have happiness within me.



Fun depends on what you’re doing at the time. You can go to the shopping center with your Visa and spend a lot of money, and you may even appreciate doing it, but when you get back home, the fun is finished and you’ve lost your bliss.



It couldn’t be any more obvious, the devil will entice us to have a ton of fun, however after we do the very thing he enticed us to do, he’ll blame us for doing the wrong thing.



Fun is costly; bliss is free. Happiness depends on your association with Jesus Christ. When we do what he instructs us to do, at that point we have the peace and happiness that originates from being near Him.


Finding Your Pathway to Happiness



Romans 8:1-2 says, There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.For the law of the Spirit of life has set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death.


If we want to have and enjoy the freedom that Jesus died to give us, then we need to learn how to follow his voice.


One of the ways you can tell if you’re following your flesh rather than his VOICE is when you can’t find any peace in your life. For instance, you may want to go off and get married before listening to all the times in your relationship when JESUS spelled it out in PLAIN words that your partner is not right for you. Yet, you take on those roles unaware of the fact that everything you’re doing to keep your partner and household together is setting you up for a lifetime of hopelessness.



How To: Hear God’s Voice



The first thing we need to do to hear God’s voice is to be still (Psalm 46:10). In stillness, you can hear the voice of Jesus more clearly. But, when we’re busy there is to many distractions that prevent us from hearing the sweet voice of the Lord.



Secondly, we need to understand that Jesus speaks to us in our spiritual realm (John 4:24).  In other words, the  Lord speaks to our spirits, not in words, but in thoughts and impressions. Then our spirits speak to us in words like, “The Lord has called me to write a blog to spread his love.”



Thirdly, we need to make Jesus a priority in our hearts (Psalm 37:4). With this verse, Jesus is reminding us that when we seek Him, He will put His wants or desires into our hearts. He will make His desires become our desires.



The last and final thing that we need to do hear God’s voice is to let Jesus rule our lives (Colossians 3:15).  The Lord will give us approval, confirmation, and joy for all the decisions we make for our life. if, we would just listen to his voice and not the voice of others.



I’m convinced that Jesus speaks to all of us. But nine times out of ten we ignore his voice by choosing to live life the way we see fit. I don’t know about you but I want complete happiness and not hopelessness. Most people are seating around waiting to hear God’s voice when it’s our hearing that needs to be adjusted.




Are you hearing God’s Voice Clearly in your Life?






2 thoughts on “Hearing the Voice of God

  1. Amen! You are absolutely right! I know for a fact that when I was deep down in my depression and anxiety my mind was busy with worry. It was like the worries were running around in my head like a chicken with it’s head cut off. I had to put in work to slow those worries down so I could hear what the Lord was telling me, instead of what the enemy was telling me.

    1. Olena, I definitely understand the battle this is a daily battle for me. Oh how happy am I that we both have chose not to let the enemy win. Our minds belong to the Lord.

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