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Introduction to The Book of Genesis


Genesis is a Greek word that means, “source,” origin or beginning. It comes from the first verse 1:1, “In the beginning.” Genesis is the book that focuses on the creation of the entire universe through the era of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and his sons, the founding fathers of the people of Israel. Beginnings are significant in each of our lives, and thankfully God continuously gives us chances for a fresh start.


The book of Genesis provides us with evidence on why the rest of the Bible is so important. God’s had a plan to rescue his people after the fall of Adam and Eve (3:1-24). Sins cannot remain in the presence of a holy God. In other words, Genesis gives us the first hints that God has a plan to save us from sin by sending a Savior which be seen in chapter 3 verse 15.

Author/ Time Written

The book of Genesis was probably written about 1440 BC by Moses.


I. Creation of a People
A. God creates the universe and the people who populate it (1:1-2:25)
B. Evil begins and spreads (3:1-6:7)
C. The earth is judged, flooded, and renewed (6:8-11:26)
II. Creation of a Nation
A. Family lines of Abraham, Isaac, and Ishmael (11:27-25:18)
B. Family lines of Isaac, Jacob, and Esau (25:19-37:1)
C. The sons of Jacob (Israel) (37;2-50:26)
1. Joseph is sold into slavery (37:2-36)
2. Judah sins (38:1-30)
3. Josephs serves in Egypt (39:1-41:57)
4. Joseph’s brothers in Egypt (42:1-45:28)
5. Jacob settles his family in Egypt (46:1-50:26)

Overall, in Genesis people were blessed when they took advantage of the opportunities to choose well-to choose truth over deception, faith over fear, peace over strife, forgiveness over bitterness, patience and waiting on God over trying to force something to happen in their life that was not directed by God. I hope the book of Genesis teaches each of us the importance of making wise decisions that will ultimately lead to greater blessings than we have ever known.

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