Meet Oghenefejiro Agbaghe from Salvage Readers-Men Series Interview - Teliah NaShonia

Meet Oghenefejiro Agbaghe from Salvage Readers-Men Series Interview

One thing, I adore about blogging is the capacity to meet an astounding measure of similarly invested people. I have met companions everywhere throughout the globe who share my compassion for Christ.

One individual, I am extremely eager to have met is Agbaghe Oghenefejiro Fidelis from Salvage Readers. Oghenefejiro Agbaghe, has an awesome educative blog that gives a featured mix of different categories ranging from health,relationship tips and so on.

Let’s meet Oghenefejiro Agbaghe….

Meet Oghenefejiro Agbaghe from Salvage Readers- Men Series Interview

Name: Agbaghe Oghenefejiro Fidelis

Blog name/URL : Salvage Readers

Social Media: you can follow Oghenefejiro Agbaghe below.

Who am I?

-I’m a Nigerian by nationality and I’m 15years old although I’d be 16years old by 9th of May this year. I am a teenager (obviously) and I’m a senior high school student. But by May, by God’s grace I’ll be through with high school. I’m also a blogger.

I’m a Christian by religion. I’m a proud member of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. I believe in the Lord Jesus, I believe without Christ we can’t communicate with our heavenly father and without salvation, we can’t make heaven.

What is  your blog, Salvage Readers about? 

-I started my blog, Salvage Readers because I wanted to help teenagers and adults. I have learned a lot of things and felt creating a blog was a great opportunity to share my experiences. As a teenager, I have dealt with a lot of challenges both physically, emotionally, academically.

So, I decided to start a blog to share ways of overcoming th challenges I faced to help others. With this great goal in mind; I had to ensure that my blog post would not deviate from its true goal. In order to do this, I personally interviewed and collated tons and tons of problems from random adults and teenagers from various places to be able to cover a wider range of topics and provide resolutions for the difficulties we all face in life.

Salvage Readers is a Lifestyle blog that covers four major categories which are;

  • Relationships
  • Academics
  • Health
  • Food Recipes

And as time goes on, some other categories maybe be removed or created based on my audiences’ preference.

What lessons have you learned on your blogging journey?

-The most important lesson, I’ve learnt so far during my blogging journey is how to connect with my blog audience; create a good relationship with them and ensuring that their needs are met and satisfied in every blog post I write about.

Where did you get your ideas for your book, Discerning Relationships?

-I got my idea for the book from a past experience I had. The experience I had in the book happened to me about 3years ago but I just decided to write about it just 2 months ago

-My book Discerning Relationships, is an actual replica of my life story (My Pen Name Is: Charlie McKenzie and that’s what I used in the book). In the book, I share with you how an unfortunate heartbreak led me into a path filled with deceptions, manipulation and seduction.

I fell into the hands of a seductive manipulator, and I could barely break out of her spell. In this book, I give a synopsis of the challenges I faced in a manipulative relationship.

I’m currently working on a larger version. But, I hope the synopsis keeps you anticipated for what’s coming.

You can purchase the book here

What is the purpose of the book, Discerning Relationships?

-The purpose is for readers to learn how to discern relationships. So, that we maybe be able to differentiate between negative and positive relationships that influence our behavior. Also, to prevent us from being decieved and manipulated.

What is the biblical significance of your book, Discerning Relationships?

-Ephesians 5:6-1; these verses gives characteristics to look out for in discerning relationships.

·        Matthew 12:34-35: …‘‘For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”…Another good way of preventing bad relationships is to weigh the words that proceed out of the mouth of your peers or even partner. You’ll be happy you did.

·        Matthew 13:24-30; in this verses, Bad friends are likened to the enemies and the weeds they sow in your lives are the bad characters that they always influence you with so try to avoid them.


What advice do you have for those who want to become a published author?

-Keep writing and continue sharing your stories to the world. They’ll eventually touch lives just like mine did, so why keep it to yourself?



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