Modesty: You Will Never Influence the World By Trying to Be Like It!

Some individuals reduce modesty to a list of don’ts – a blacklist of too short, too low cut, too tight. No yoga pants! Society teaches girls to use their bodies to get attention, to dress like bait on a hook and go fishing.

And as wrong, as that is, are dress codes the solution? 

It’s time to get this important virtue straight. Being modest is much more than what you wear. It’s all about your HEART. 

I pray these video’s give you a clearer view of the heart of Jesus and what he defines as pleasing and acceptable. After all, you cant’ be in them streets allowing the world to mold you into the image they see FIT. 

Grab you a good HOT cup of Coffee or Tea! Sip away and make sure you leave a comment on the videos with your thoughts on this controversial topic.

Video #1: Modesty is not a Dress Code!

This video will give you the biblical definition of what Modesty actually is. I want to erase the controversial ideas that most non-believers have constructed around this topic. God made us, and Jesus paid our ransom. It’s time for you to walk in royalty.

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This video will outline what God looks at when it comes to our appearance. In today’s culture and society, the dress code is becoming more and looser. The appearance of professionalism has changed drastically over the past few decades in the marketplace as well as the church.  If how you dress outside of the church is different than inside the church, are you living two lives?

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