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THE MIRACLE SEASON- Upcoming Faith Film Releasing in April 2018!

The Miracle Season, it’s a story about tragic loss but also about hope and finding light in some of the darkest seasons we face in life.

The story is BASED
On the inspiring TRUE story of
West High School 2011 Girls Volleyball Team

If, you know anything about the West High School 2011 Girls Volleyball Team then you know for a fact that it took a whole lot of FAITH and the Miracle Season, to get them through a very difficult situation that required patience and waiting on God’s timing to discover true peace.

Have you ever experienced a dark season in your life that required patience, God’s timing and practice to master a specific skill?

Back in High School, I was apart of a dance drill team. I was a young girl wearing a sparkly uniform and white boots.

Did you find me? I’m third in the line up right behind my litter sister.

We performed in out of state competitions, at amusement parks, in local community events and we even had the opportunity to march in all the major holiday parades.

Did you find me? I’m in the middle of the girl with the white tank top and the girl with the black pants with the red strip down her leg. This picture was taken before our performance at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. 

However, every former and current dance drill team member understands that there are many struggles that come with being apart of an adrenaline driven performance.

The biggest challenge, I overcame was performing in front of a very large crowd of people. It was so scary at first. The Bible instructs us that when we’re afraid, Jesus will never leave us nor forsake us. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged (Deuteronomy 31:8).” When you’re fearing a situation or emotional challenge, really envision God saying this, just to you, it will make you feel protected.

I was definitely able to master the dance performance techniques by practicing as much as I could with my teammates and also by hanging on to my FAITH. In other words, if I truly had FAITH in Jesus then, I would be able to do all things through him who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).

Being apart of a dance drill team kept me discipline, gave me an opportunity to work with others, a sense of “belonging”, allowed a discovery of self, and encouraged me to take risks without feeling fearful.

The life lesson I learned as a young girl wearing a sparkly uniform and white boots is that: God is the one who helps us master a specific skill and gives us the grace to operate in it.

Often in our darkest moments, we find that the most difficult days we face can become pivotal times that mark our lives and even our future.

3 thoughts on “THE MIRACLE SEASON- Upcoming Faith Film Releasing in April 2018!

    1. This was back in my highschool days. Yes, I cant wait to see the movie. I love faith based movies and movies that empower women.

  1. Losing my sister was a devastating time trying to stay sane and deal with life without her was rough.
    In the Mist of my Greif being diagnosed with the rare muscle disease now having to trust God to be my healer took patience and faith.

    I lost 70 lb of muscles my ability to pretty much take care of myself my doctors wanted to put me in a wheelchair and a convalescent home my reply was wrong room I’m trusting God for miracle.
    In short.
    No wheelchair I’m walking I live at home alone. He’s faithful.

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